John G. Robinson

Executive Vice President of Conservation and Science, Wildlife Conservation Society

Dr. John G. Robinson is Senior Vice-President and Director of the International Conservation programs of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), formerly known as the New York Zoological Society. As well as overseeing the Society’s over 300 projects in 51 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, John Robinson continues to explore how human uses of tropical forests affects their biodiversity and long-term survival. John Robinson is well known for his work in tropical conservation, and has undertaken field work in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil. He has over 150 publications, including “Neotropical Wildlife Use and Conservation”(1991), co-edited with Kent Redford (1991), “Hunting for Sustainability in Tropical Forests” (2000), co-edited by Elizabeth Bennett.

John Robinson received his doctorate in Zoology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1977. He then joined the Smithsonian Institution, and undertook field work in association with the National Zoological Park. In 1980, he joined the faculty of the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida. In the same year he established the Program for Studies in Tropical Conservation at the University, a graduate program whose goal is to provide graduate training in conservation to students from tropical countries. He joined the Wildlife Conservation Society in 1990.