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Unlocking Blockchain with the IUCN Green List Dynamic Token

The need for efficiency in conservation project finance administration demands innovative solutions. Enter the development of the IUCN Green List Dynamic Token (GLDT), a blockchain-based tool that aims to strengthen funding mechanisms for Protected and Conserved Areas (PCAs).

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IUCN Champions Nature at COP28  

Nature received unprecedented attention throughout the Conference in Dubai, building historic momentum for addressing the interlinked climate and biodiversity crises in an integrated and inclusive way.

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Photo: IUCN

COP28: IUCN welcomes recognition of nature and urges a fossil-fuel free future

IUCN Recognises The Decision Taken By Governments At The UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) To Transition Away From Fossil Fuels As A Step Forward. We Continue To Call For Greater Climate Action And A Clear Phase-Out Of Fossil Fuels. This Phase-Out Is Imperative To Prevent The Worst Impacts Of Runaway Climate Change, And To Allow Nature To Play Its Full Role In Addressing The Climate Crisis.

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Here’s to the GBF’s first trip around the sun

As we bid farewell to 2023, we find ourselves marking the first anniversary of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Amidst the achievements since its adoption, it seems clear that the year ahead will need accelerated action towards implementation. Let’s embark on 2024 with New Year’s Resolutions, ensuring that the promises of the GBF translate into tangible, transformative action toward a more sustainable future.

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