Board Member

Susan Lieberman

IUCN Councilor of North America and the Caribbean, Vice-President of International Policy at World Conservation Society (WSC), Ex-Officio Member of the Board

Sue has worked in international biodiversity conservation, at the intersection of science and policy, for her entire professional career. Currently, she directs and leads WCS’s policy engagement in multiple intergovernmental fora, including CITES, CMS, CBD, and the UNESCO-World Heritage Convention, and is actively engaged with the CBD post-2020 biodiversity framework. Sue is the focal point for WCS on the Key Biodiversity Areas Committee and is committed to supporting field conservation through policy and intergovernmental engagement, working closely with governments, intergovernmental organizations including IUCN, NGOs, and others – particularly by promoting science-based decision-making. Her extensive career experience includes both wildlife trade, and efforts to combat wildlife trafficking. Sue obtained her Ph.D. in tropical ecology from the University of Southern California (working on amphibians and reptiles), where she also did postdoctoral research.